Julia Bakman
How I can help
I'll help your website grow traffic organically. I'll make your local business and your GMB listing visible in local search results.
Landing Pages and Personal Websites
I'll build a landing page for your sales funnel or a marketing campaign. I'll make a website for your personal brand.
Professional Presentations, PDF workbooks, ebooks and lead magnets
I'll design selling lead magnets, creative presentations and strong pitch decks.
Facebook and Instagram Ads
I'll drive traffic, leads and sales through Facebook and Instagram Ads. I'll ensure data driven approach to increase conversions.
Market research and analysis
I'll analyse your market, audience and competitors. I'll help define your unique selling point and give recommendations on marketing strategy.
Project management and website content management
I'll manage your IT projects. I'll help maintain your Wordpress or Shopify website.
Social Media
I'll run your Social Media accounts.
I'll create a strong message that your audience will respond to. I'll increase your clients' loyalty to drive sales.
Web Analytics
I'll set up or audit your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels. I'll set up goals to track valuable actions and measure conversions. I'll segment the traffic to see where your visitors are coming from.
During our initial talk, we will discuss your needs to understand whether we want to proceed with the project.
Situation analysis and Problem Interview
After we've talked, I make all-around research about your company, audience and market. We set up a problem interview with you to clarify all details. After the interview, I send you the report to confirm that everything is correct.
After you confirm that you are happy with my understanding of the task, I will make an offer for the best possible cooperation. I'll provide you with my recommendations on what work needs to be done.
Start of the project and ongoing reporting
We will start working together. I will be consistently reporting on the results of intermediate steps and confirm with you all strategic decisions.
How I work
Initial Consultation
I'm a perfectionist so I set the bar high and never finish until I like the result.
I ensure its quality up to the highest standard. I don't miss deadlines either.
I will use the most efficient tools and channels for your business to achieve the best results. I will never offer you the moves that you don't benefit from.
High Quality
What you'll get
I use original, fresh and outside of the box ideas to make the right message reach your clients. I'm sure that a solution can always be found and that with creativity every task can be solved.
I will never start working on the project before I fully understand the task and requirements. I have a process in place to ensure that we have the same understanding of goals, expectations, business specifics and style of work throughout the project. I consistently report to you the status of the project and its milestones.
I dig deep, check twice and pay attention to details. I do my homework before reaching out with any questions.
Attention to details
I will meet the deadline and follow the agreed budget. You will always know the status of the project, what you will get in the end and when.
What is my experience
Years of experience in Digital Marketing and Project Management
I have worked in various online marketing fields: digital analytics (I'm GAIQ certified), SEO, market research & analysis, SMM, Email marketing and content management. I also managed the full cycle of websites development and was successfully launching sales on a new international market.
Years in Strategy Consulting Research
My experience in economic consulting research taught me how to ask the right questions to make the project successful. Critical thinking and understanding of how to conduct proper research give me a huge advantage when it comes to market research or a marketing strategy.
Strong STEM background
My Masters in Applied Mathematics and Physics and certifications in Data Analysis gave me strong analytical skills to solve any task. I always advocate for a measurement-based approach and love extracting answers from data.
Google My Business (GMB)
Google Search Console

Google Analytics (GAIQ certified)
What are my tools

Logo design, fonts and visuals sourcing for Megan Loves Paws online pet shop
The goal was to make a rebranding of the shop that changed the domain address and the name. The site was run on Wordpress. I designed the new logo, updated the favicon, matched the fonts and changed the banners.

Facebook Ads, content management and favicon design for Lora's Candles Shopify online shop
Brought hundreds of low-cost leads to Lora's Treasures online store through Facebook Ads.

Personal website for Rosa Hofer Coaching and Consulting
The objective was to develop a personal website for a business coach. I structured the materials given by the client and adapted the text to make the message stronger. I designed and launched the website which is run on the Tilda Publishing platform.

Professional presentation for NOVAK online conference

Content plan, posts schedule and copywriting
for Carsons Concierge's Instagram account

Carsons Concierge is a team of personal assistants in Paris and London. They organise travel tours and lectures on history, art, architecture and fashion. I created a content plan, sources pictures and wrote posts for their Instagram account.

Wordpress website fix for
For this project, I fixed the Authorisation page of the website. Initially, after users had logged in, they couldn't see the Account page. I found out that the problem was related to the structure of the website. I fixed .htaccess files and permalinks and the issue was resolved.
What people say
Rosa Hofer
Leadership Coach, Intercultural Coach, ACC, MBA
I was lucky to have Julia as a developer of my website. Her work amazed
me and took by surprise! Not only didn't I expect that level of quality but also the communication was outstanding. Julia made a top-notch and perfectly structured website with a creatively looking design. She proactively adapted
my disordered texts into a strong and clear message for my audience.

Julia anticipated and thought through even the parts that I forgot to mention
in my brief: she added them to the site with the polite notice to correct
if needed. She provided me with the exact and step-by-step explanation
of the project and its possibilities and limitations.

Julia, thank you for your magic! I wish you all the success in your future professional endeavours.
Lera Vygodnaya
CEO at Carsons Concierge
I would like to thank Julia for an amazing job. Julia provided a very careful analysis of the target audience, identified key content themes and created
a plan for my project Carsons Concierge. I really liked the texts Julia wrote
for my page. Their engaging style perfectly matched the style of my Instagram page and made the audience follow the conversation. Julia also proposed
a minimalistic visual design for the posts which corresponded to the colour palette of my website and page. I highly recommend her as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.
Marina Morozova
Conference Producer at NOVAK
Julia, thank you for the presentation! Everything is perfect! It fully fits our topic.
The concept of our event was reflected clearly and masterly. Also, I very much liked that you sent the presentation in different formats so that we could edit and add changes to the program of our conference. Good luck to you!
Greg Tsuman
Lettings Director at Martyn Gerrard Estate Agents
Julia is highly dedicated to her work, always self-motivated, efficient and striving for making an impact. In no time after she'd started, she got a grasp of Martyn Gerrard's digital marketing processes and the variety of technology solutions that we use. She meshed well with both in-house stakeholders and third-parties by proactively asking questions, finding potential problems and opportunities, and by offering and implementing improvements. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone looking for their next hire.
Alex Yashin
Web and mobile developer
My team and I created and supported a ecommerce website for the company DDshop where Julia worked. Julia managed development process. She is professional and one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. Our negotiations and discussions always went in a constructive way, all her requests and demands were expressed clearly. Julia always got to the heart of the matter and was able to look deep into technical details if needed. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Venetia Ragona
Head Of Content Marketing at Martyn Gerrard Estate Agents
I had the pleasure of working with Julia on my team at Martyn Gerrard, she is a very hardworking individual and always goes the extra mile! Julia proved to be a real lifesaver in analytics, tracking and measuring channels' performance. She was very instrumental in improving our technological setup and contributed greatly to our marketing strategy
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Julia Bakman
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